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OPC3 Side Effects

OPC3 -- Safe Source of Powerful Antioxidants

A New Study on PubMed about OPC-3

This study researches the absorption of Isotonix OPC3 compared to that of a tablet formula of OPCs. An evaluation period of over four hours showed that OPC3, worked extremely effective as an antioxidant reducing oxygen free radicals in the blood plasma.  OPC3 was effective in as little as 10 minutes.  The tablet took over 1 hour to show similiar results.  After a four hour period the Isotonix OPC3 showed a much stronger result than compared to an OPC tablet form.

This research shows the potency of the Isotonic delivery system, liquid solution in an isotonic form (same pressure as bodily fluids) is much more effective more rapidly and more effective over a longer period of time.  Source PubMed

OPC Side Effects

Rapid Absorption of high quality, high concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is the key to long-term health.  What good does a vitamin, mineral or antioxidant do if  you are not absorbing it?  Very little to none!

Does Isotonix OPC3 have any known side effects?  Great question!  After over three decades of safe use in Europe, the great news is that no reports of side effects have been made.  This has been widely used in Europe for many immune boosting protocols.  As the discussion for natural health or an alternative to pharmaceuticals, has grown in the US more and more people are looking to nutriceuticals or all natural solutions to answering preventative health needs.  Isotonix OPC3 is a perfect answer to this request.  As an antioxidant, it aids your body in fighting oxidative stress caused by everyday living.  Free radical damage is a feel real problem that effects our charge to preventative health.  Isotonix OPC3 is a very safe alternative with no known side effects being reported.

Isotonix OPC3 works great inconjunction with Isotonix Multivitamin, Isotonix Vitamin C, Isotonix B-Complex and Isotonix Calcium Plus as a comprehensive regimine for your health needs.